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US Insurance Information

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US Patient Insurance Information

Some of our patients have had success in securing reimbursement for their HIFU procedure. Many policies differ in their details, however, so it should be noted that past success with a particular company does not guarantee future results with the same company. 

U.S. patients who only have Medicare or Medicaid should know that these two agencies do not reimburse for procedures performed outside of the United States. Patients who have any other insurance plans, including secondary plans or other government plans, could potentially be approved.

We are aware of nearly 100 patients with coverage from 46 different insurance companies (listed in the table below) who have received full or partial reimbursement for HIFU. All instances of reimbursement have occurred following the procedure. To date, there have been no pre-approvals prior to treatment.

Insurance companies that have reimbursed for at least a portion of HIFU treatment expenses:

Anthem BCBS in Indiana
Anthem BCBS in Missouri
Anthem BCBS in Nevada
Anthem BCBS in Ohio
Anthem BCBS in Wisconsin
Anthem Health Plans of Maine
Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire
BCBS of Arizona
BCBS of California
BCBS of Colorado
BCBS of Connecticut
BCBS of Florida
BCBS of Georgia
BCBS of Iowa
BCBS of Kansas
BCBS of Kentucky
BCBS of Maryland
BCBS of Massachusetts
BCBS of Michigan
BCBS of Minnesota
BCBS of New Jersey
BCBS of North Carolina

BCBS of Oklahoma
BCBS of Pennsylvania
BCBS of South Carolina
BCBS of Tennessee
BCBS of Virginia
Catalyst Healthcare
Empire BCBSGreat West
Health Net
Highmark BCBS
Horizon BCBS
Mid-West Life
National Foundation Life
Nationwide Insurance
Oxford Health
Physicians Care of CA
Regence BS of ID
Regence BS of WA
Rocky Mountain (Anthem BCBS in Nevada)
State Employee Insurance
United Healthcare

U.S. HIFU Insurance

U.S. patients may quality for a full or partial reimbursement for HIFU from their health insurance provider.


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