Prostate Cancer Survivor STories

Maple Leaf HIFU Company has helped many men overcome their battles with prostate cancer. Read what our patients have to say here.

Prostate Cancer Survival

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Alan from Maine

When Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer, we were shocked and our lives were thrown into a tailspin. He had lost a sister to breast cancer and had lived through her excruciating pain.

We were terrified, to say the least. The surgeons here wanted to jump right in and operate immediately without giving us a chance to even catch our breath.

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Prostate cancer survivor Roy from Alberta.

Roy from Alberta

My first meeting with the urologist after the diagnosis left me overwhelmed. I recall being handed a colored chart that summarized some treatment options.

Cryotherapy was listed on the chart but it was dismissed. Radiation therapy was discussed in passing. Though the urologist did not come out and recommend surgery, it appeared to be a foregone conclusion. He became noticeably perturbed when I asked him if that was what he was recommending.

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California prostrate cancer treatment by cancer survivor Chuck

Chuck from California

Several months ago I learned I had prostate cancer. My urologist and others strongly recommended radiation therapy. However, my wife began searching the Web for alternatives. After viewing the HIFU site, I was impressed with the specific information given, esp. the detailed images of the Ablatherm HIFU procedure in progress, with an explanation of how the equipment works.

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Doug from Ontario

Five months elapsed between my diagnosis and treatment. During that time I researched the available options as extensively as I could, including meeting with practitioners in each area. My only choice was surgery in the end, and I “interviewed” three recommended surgeons, chose and was accepted by my first choice and set a date. During the lead-up period to surgery, I first heard about HIFU. I guess I was looking for an alternative treatment to surgery, because I found my hopes rising as I started to investigate HIFU.

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Greg from Ontario

It has been 1½ years since my “non invasive, nerve sparing” Hifu operation and the results are terrific. I required a “TURP”, followed by Hifu day surgery a week or so later. I was released with a catheter in place for 10 days. There was no castration, there were no weekly trips for radiation which destroys other organs and body parts, there is no incontinence, no ongoing drugs with nasty side effects, and my sex life has returned to normal, as has my PSA. I was back to work in 10 days.

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ontario prostate cancer treatment

Rolf from Ontario

I have been involved with the HIFU Clinic for over a year now. My initial contact with Dr. Orovan and the HIFU team was the first of a series of consultations made with a variety of specialists to determine my prostate cancer treatment options. During those weeks I found that, armed with the extensive information obtained from my first meeting with Dr. Orovan, I was able to ask very specific questions of the doctors specializing in other cancer treatments ranging from the traditional surgical method to that of implanted radioactive beads.

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Video Interview with a Patient Treated with Ablatherm HIFU
Doug Hill is a patient describing his experience with the HIFU prostate cancer treatment. Watch video clips of Doug discussing his treatment here by clicking here .