Prostate Cancer Survivor Rolf From Ontario

Rolf from Ontario

Dear Interested Parties,

I have been involved with the HIFU Clinic in Don Mills for over a year now. My initial contact with Dr. Orovan and the HIFU team was the first of a series of consultations made with a variety of specialists to determine my prostate cancer treatment options. During those weeks I found that, armed with the extensive information obtained from my first meeting with Dr. Orovan, I was able to ask very specific questions of the doctors specializing in other cancer treatments ranging from the traditional surgical method to that of implanted radioactive beads. No other doctors impressed me as much with their empathy and relaxed assuredness as that of Dr. Orovan and others of his team throughout the process at the HIFU clinic.

Once my decision was made the arrangements were made very quickly – in my case the procedure was done within 7 days. The next day I was able to drive myself home (a three hour drive) and, in fact, was able to pop into work for a few hours later totally pain free.

It has now been a year since the procedure was done. I had a bit of scar tissue removed a short time ago and have to say that I am just plain delighted with the entire procedure. Even for this latest procedure my regular urologist was ready to do radical surgery again. Dr. Orovan’s recommendation was to first take a closer look and look for a simpler solution. Day surgery corrected this.

I have not been treated in a more informative, open and respectful manner than by this group of specialists at the HIFU clinic. It gave me the distinct feeling that “my” doctor was truly interested in solving the situation in the least invasive manner.

Thanks again to the Team at the Canadian HIFU Clinic!


Rolf Eberl
Kincardine, Ontario, Canada


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