Prostate Cancer Survivor Greg From Ontario

Greg from Ontario

My wife and I sold the house in the city and moved to our new home in the country. Our work allowed us greater geographical flexibility and the kids were moving forward with their lives. We were now walking distance from the beach, had all the amenities, and a great ravine lot in a small fishing village fifteen minutes from a major business center. We were planning a garden, finishing the basement of our new home, and looking forward to long walks on the beach. I was only 58 years old. Life was good.

The results from my annual check up confirmed that my PSA had gone from 4.3 to 7.4 in a year. A biopsy was conducted. I had T- 2 prostate cancer with a Gleason Score of 7/6. Was I ever angry! The urologist gave me the pamphlet with the standard procedures and the related outcomes. I was also told that “Watchful Waiting” was not an option. I hit the “net” to research my choices. Alternative health care and a variety of modalities were evaluated. I visited on-line Mexican, European and US cancer clinics. My health was obviously a huge concern. The driving force was my male ego and the quality of life or lack thereof with the options being presented.

I came across the local Prostate Cancer Support Group in my area and went to my first meeting (I recommend that you consider this a major step towards your recovery). I met a lot of great people and listened to their “Horror Stories”. At that first meeting someone mentioned that they had heard about a new procedure on one of the local radio stations. I called the station the next day and was given the name “Hifu”. I went back to the “net” and looked it up. The procedure had a 10-year history in Europe and many more promising outcomes. I continued my search and ended up at “”. The procedure was available in Ontario and had been introduced 3 months prior.

It has been 1½ years since my “non invasive, nerve sparing” Hifu operation and the results are terrific. I required a “TURP”, followed by Hifu day surgery a week or so later. I was released with a catheter in place for 10 days. There was no castration, there were no weekly trips for radiation which destroys other organs and body parts, there is no incontinence, no ongoing drugs with nasty side effects, and my sex life has returned to normal, as has my PSA. I was back to work in 10 days.

At 58 I’ve obviously had some exposure to the medical profession. I did not take the word of my original urologist and family doctor as gospel. This didn’t sit too well with them or other doctors I spoke to, some who had heard of Hifu and some that hadn’t. By the way, you are entitled to copies of all of your personal medical records and the results of any test without delay. The medical profession should, in my opinion, be open-minded and provide all necessary information and support to their clients before opting for the knife or killing precious body parts with radiation. “First Do No Harm.” We are not mindless cattle who go meekly to slaughter. I decided that I would make the right decision for me, based on my needs and my research. It’s my body and my life.

The sincere, professional, caring approach taken by Dr. Warner, Dr. Woods, and Dr. Orovan at Maple Leaf Hifu was far superior to my previous experiences. Our discussions were based on my unique needs, circumstances and concerns. After my surgery, Dr. Orovan gave me his home and cell numbers with instructions to call if I had any concerns or questions. That’s unheard of. I would also like to recognize the support staff at the Don Mills Medical clinic and specifically Mrs. Janice Orovan RN BScN for her kindness and ongoing support.


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