Prostate Cancer Survivor Chuck from California

Chuck from California

Several months ago I learned I had prostate cancer. My urologist and others strongly recommended radiation therapy. However, my wife began searching the Web for alternatives. After viewing the HIFU site, I was impressed with the specific information given, esp. the detailed images of the Ablatherm HIFU procedure in progress, with an explanation of how the equipment works.

In addition, the possible complications were explained. I might add that I was one of the first to have this procedure done with updated equipment using enhanced images; in my opinion, this is an addition which I think should further improve HIFU's safety.

My urologist warned me against HIFU, saying it was too new, and didn't have radiation's long history of success and safety. I was torn about which direction to go -- Toronto, Canada, or home. My physician helped me make the decision by giving his approval for me to have the HIFU treatment. While I was still ambivalent, my urologist began the initial steps for radiation therapy, inserting the gold seeds. However, a last minute phone conversation with Dr. John Warner, convinced me to go with HIFU.

I have absolutely no regrets. HIFU is everything I had hoped for. The staff was both friendly and professional. I especially appreciated Dr. Orovan's empathetic nature.

After 3 months, my PSA is now 0.1; who could ask for more! The one thing I could have lived without was the catheter which was removed after only seven days.


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