Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatment Physician Information

Ablatherm® HIFU is a treatment option for localized prostate cancer that is setting a new standard of care for prostate cancer patients. As will be discussed later, complications are minimal and cure rates compare favorably with radical surgery.

A Less Invasive Option is Available Today

Many patients cannot tolerate the side effects associated with radiation. Additionally, not all prostate cancer patients can or want to undergo surgery. For these patients Ablatherm® HIFU offers an excellent alternative.

Proven Results

After 15 years of development, and over thirty thousand of patients treated, Ablatherm® HIFU has emerged as the most promising amongst non-invasive treatment options for localized prostate cancer available today.


benefits ablatherm hifu treatment

HIFU Treatment Availability

The interest of the urological community for this new treatment is now rapidly increasing.

Urologists throughout many countries now widely accept Ablatherm® HIFU as the most effective non-invasive alternative treatment for localized prostate cancer. It also has fewer significant side effects than any other treatment.

Benefits of Ablatherm® HIFU

Treatment with the Ablatherm® HIFU is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and patient recovery is almost immediate. Also, there is the possibility of repeating the treatment if necessary as indicated by either a rising PSA or by a positive prostate biopsy. Re-treatment rates in most series are approximately 10%. This section of our website is designed to introduce you to the Ablatherm® HIFU technology. Should you have any questions please contact us .

Benefits of Ablatherm® HIFU

  • Non-Invasive: no port, no seeds, no radiation
  • Effective: precise and definitive necrosis of the targeted area
  • Early Feedback: nadir PSA after only 3 months
  • Quality of Life: minimal side effects
  • Repeatable: if needed at any time during follow up
  • Adaptable: to the physician and the patient's therapeutic goals
  • No Therapeutic impasse: alternative options still open post-Ablatherm® HIFU