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Dr. William Orovan discusses HIFU as one of the best prostate cancer treatment options for organ-confined prostate cancer. As a urological surgeon, Dr. Orovan believes men with early stage prostate cancer should definitely consider HIFU as an alternative to the more invasive traditional treatments including radiation and surgery.

Learn about one of the newer prostate cancer treatment options available for men with localized prostate cancer. HIFU uses computer controlled high intensity focused ultrasound to destroy the prostate tissue with precisely targeted heat. The procedure involves no surgery or radiation and is non-invasive. Recovery times are typically much quicker than with radiation or surgery. Success rates are just as favorable and there are fewer significant side effects.

The Maple Leaf HIFU Clinic in Toronto was the first HIFU clinic in North America and has successfully treated over 700 patients. HIFU has been available in Canada since 2003, but was available in Europe earlier. The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic opened in May 2005.

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What is HIFU? Get the answers in this prostate cancer treatment video.
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