Ablatherm vs Sonablate HIFU treatment
Ablatherm vs. Sonablate HIFU

Prostate cancer treatment time delay
Prostate Cancer Treatment Delay

Prostate cancer treatment family reaction
Prostate Cancer Treatment Reaction

HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment TImeline

HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment Discomfort?

HIFU physicians, doctors and staff at Maple Leaf HIFU and Cleveland Clinic Toronto Ontario, Canada
HIFU Physicians and Staff

HIFU Patient Testimonial Videos

HIFU Patient Doug Hill - Prostate Cancer Treatment Timeline

Patient Doug Hill discusses his experience before, during and after HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment for prostate cancer. Mr. Hill was able to get in a taxi back to his hotel and have dinner the evening after his procedure. He went in for a check up and flew home the next day.

See the video for his account of the treatment chronology.




Prostate Cancer HIFU treatment recovery
Prostate Cancer HIFU Recovery

Prostate cancer treatment incontinence issues discussed by prostate cancer patient Doug Hill related to his HIFU treatment.
Prostate Cancer HIFU Incontinence