Ablatherm vs Sonablate HIFU treatment
Ablatherm vs. Sonablate HIFU

Prostate cancer treatment time delay
Prostate Cancer Treatment Delay

Prostate cancer treatment family reaction
Prostate Cancer Treatment Reaction

HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment TImeline

HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment Discomfort?

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HIFU Patient Doug Hill on Prostate Cancer Treatment Incontinence. One of the biggest concerns for men considering prostate cancer treatment options is the side effects, particularly erectile dysfunction and incontinence. HIFU can target prostate cells with pinpoint accuracy, sparing surrounding organs and tissues which result in fewer side effects.

Patient Doug Hill discusses incontinence issues related to his prostate cancer treatment with HIFU. He also discusses his personal experiences and confirms that HIFU was the correct treatment option for him. Since the procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, recovery time is quicker and the patient does not experience the feelings of altered well-being that are usually present with radiation and surgery.




Prostate Cancer HIFU treatment recovery
Prostate Cancer HIFU Recovery

Prostate cancer treatment incontinence issues discussed by prostate cancer patient Doug Hill related to his HIFU treatment.
Prostate Cancer HIFU Incontinence