Ablatherm vs Sonablate HIFU treatment
Ablatherm vs. Sonablate HIFU

Prostate cancer treatment time delay
Prostate Cancer Treatment Delay

Prostate cancer treatment family reaction
Prostate Cancer Treatment Reaction


HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment TImeline

HIFU treatment timline
HIFU Treatment Discomfort?

HIFU physicians, doctors and staff at Maple Leaf HIFU and Cleveland Clinic Toronto Ontario, Canada
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Ablatherm vs. Sonablate - Patient Doug Hill discusses his decision to select Ablatherm High Intensity Focused Ultrasound as the preferred HIFU prostate cancer treatment method.

The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic chose the Ablatherm HIFU device since it offers better imaging and more precise ultrasound wave delivery, with accuracy to 1/10th of a millimeter. The Ablatherm device has additional patient safety measures built in. Sensors detect temperature, distance to target, movement of the prostate, etc. to disable the machine and avoid any potential misfirings that could result in injury.

The Maple Leaf HIFU is staffed by specially trained urological surgeons who perform the procedure in a world class medical environment. We have specialized Registered Nurses and Board Certified Anesthesiologists. The Maple Leaf clinic is located within the Cleveland Clinic Canada in downtown Toronto. The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic is the most experienced HIFU for prostate cancer clinic in North America. Most of the clinical and published data on high intensity focused ultrasound is all Ablatherm based.




Prostate Cancer HIFU treatment recovery
Prostate Cancer HIFU Recovery

Prostate cancer treatment incontinence issues discussed by prostate cancer patient Doug Hill related to his HIFU treatment.
Prostate Cancer HIFU Incontinence