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Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 01, 2011

HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a prostate cancer treatment option where ultrasound waves are delivered through a rectal probe, increasing the temperature within the prostate to 85 degrees centigrade. Cells are destroyed with pinpoint accuracy, with minimal or no damage to surrounding tissues and organs.

HIFU was approved by Health Canada in 2003. The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic was the first HIFU clinic in North America, opening in 2005. Since then, they have performed more HIFU procedures than any other clinic in North America. They have just re-launched their website HIFU.ca to provide complete information about prostate cancer, HIFU and other treatment options.

Dr. William Orovan is the Medical Director of Maple Leaf HIFU. Dr. Orovan, a urological surgeon, professor and medical ambassador, explains how he got involved with HIFU: “As someone who has treated prostate cancer for almost 30 years, and has done radical prostatectomies and referred patients for radiation treatment, I think HIFU is a very safe and effective treatment option that should be considered by all men with organ confined prostate cancer. Some of the big advantages of HIFU are that it is non-surgical, recovery is faster, there are fewer significant side effects and outcomes remain very positive and comparable to surgery or radiation.”

The aim of the new website is to provide guidance and research to men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The website contains information about prostate cancer – symptoms, stages, diagnosis, treatment options and more. It also contains a history of HIFU along with published clinical data and research, as well as informative videos.

“All of the information is provided free in order to help men understand more about the disease, their treatment options and outlook,”says Janice Orovan, one of the specially trained registered nurses that works at the clinic. “We encourage men over 50 to get regular screenings and to do their research in understanding the options available to them. “

Since prostate cancer has become the number one cancer affecting men in North America, more and more people are going online looking for information. The HIFU prostate cancer treatment alternative is growing in popularity, in both Europe and North America, particularly with younger men concerned with surgery and radiation side effects including impotency and incontinence. Read more at http://www.hifu.ca/hifu-clinical-results-best-prostate-cancer-treatment.htm

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