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While no one wants to hear this news, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to Early diagnosis is the key to finding a cure. A blood test checking for PSA – prostate specific antigens - may indicate prostate cancer if elevated levels are found. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you will want to consider all your treatment options and where to receive the best treatment. It is often necessary to travel to get the best cancer treatment care.

Of newly diagnosed men, 50% or more will have a low risk prostate cancer that is not likely to spread to other organs. However, many choose to have very aggressive treatments, like surgery or radiation. While 66 is the average age for being diagnosed with prostate cancer, many men are being diagnosed earlier. Most men are searching for less invasive treatment options that will preserve their quality of life. Discussing your options with a medical oncologist or urologist can help you determine which course of action is best for you.

Read some prostate cancer survivor stories and see how our patients feel about their experiences.

Our Physicians

The Medical Director of Maple Leaf HIFU, Dr. William Orovan, is a Urological Oncologist, a Surgeon and Oncologist certified as a fellow by the American College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Orovan HIFU treatment physicianDr. Orovan's clinical practice is specifically limited to Urological Oncology. He was introduced to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound almost 20 years ago and was impressed by the results. This renowned physician began his certification in HIFU in Regensburg, Germany. When Health Canada approved the procedure in 2003, he established Maple Leaf HIFU, currently located in the Cleveland Clinic Canada, and was joined by several other top urologists. All of our Anesthesiologists are also Board Certified.

Dr. Orovan believes that High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is the best option for localized prostate cancer due to the minimal side effects compared to other forms of treatment. HIFU is an out-patient procedure, so less time is spent recovering and returning to daily activity. There is less morbidity, fewer side effects and less erectile dysfunction than prostate cancer treatment by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

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Experienced HIFU Clinic

Maple Leaf HIFU is, by far, the most experienced clinic in North America for treating prostate cancer with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Maple Leaf HIFU started treatments in April 2005.

Since the FDA approved the device in October of 2015, clinics are popping up around the U.S. offering the procedure. When you do your research on HIFU as a treatment option, it is important to understand that not all physicians and clinics have the same level of training and expertise providing HIFU. Outcomes will vary based on the expertise level and equipment being used.

Maple Leaf HIFU uses the Ablatherm device, which is used in 30 plus countries worldwide. We believe it is the best technology available. Our technology is upgraded twice a year and we offer excellent outcomes with minimal side effects.

TOP MedicaL Staff

Maple Leaf HIFU has highly trained, registered nurses who have been working with prostate cancer patients since 2003. Janice Orovan, the Senior Registered Nurse and other qualified Registered Nurses, will work closely with you before, during and after your procedure.

Our medical staff will help coordinate your travel plans, make local arrangements, and answer your questions, follow up once you get home and again every 3 months for years. The credibility of our staff and experience of our team have been documented in accurate, timely outcome data and several medical publications. (See our research section).

Contact Maple Leaf HIFU

Compare our clinic with any other in North America and we think you will agree that it is worth a flight to Toronto.  To speak to Janice or another qualified staff member, call 877-370-4438.  You can also fill out our form to determine if you might be a candidate for HIFU. 


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